Tuesday, April 14, 2009


"Unknown" by Anna Cormorant

Why am I standing here, alone,
When outside you are knocking, knocking?
I cannot come to you-
My feet are glued to the floor.
Forgive me, but I feared you!
Would that you could open the door,
But I have locked it!
Ah! What sorrow I have brought upon myself!
How you shout, how you plead for entrance
And how I want you to enter,
But you have not the strenth to break the door.
Well, come on then! Find another way in!

This monologue is quite similar to my post on the Spenserian Sonnet, in that it deals with a deep inner conflict within the speaker. In this instance, the conflict is how to get a visitor into the house. The way the speaker argues and talks with herself gives the impression that they don't really know what they want. He/she has locked the door and won't move to open it, yet tells the person knocking to find antoher way in. To me this seems that the person is weak and unable to make decisions for themself. The line, "Ah! What sorrow I have brought upon myself!" suggests a defeatist attitude, instead of attempting to rid themself of the sorrow the person simply wallows in self pity. The dramatic monologue is a great way to get a more in depth view of a character that may have previously been puzzling.

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